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Pouring Sake


February 17th, 2023, NCC's Japanese Cultural Program held a virtual event, "Japanese Sake Talk Night" presented by Miyu Matsuzaki who is a 2021 Miss Sake in Japan. 

Learn more about MISS SAKE and presenter Miyu Matsuzaki 

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What is MISS SAKE?

As a part of the Miss Sake initiative, which was launched in 2013, the Japanese government and private sector partnered to assign women as ambassadors to promote Japanese culture centered on sake and to increase women's participation in society. 

2022 Miss SAKE Final.JPG

About Miyu Matsuzaki

2021 Miss SAKE Miyu Matsuzaki is from Aichi prefecture where there are over 300 years of history of the local sake brewing districts. She recently graduated as an International Relations major at the School of Foreign Studies, Aichi Prefectural University. Miyu Matsuzaki studied abroad in the UK and Portugal. 

2021 Miss SAKE 松崎未侑 ボトムアップ_edited.jpg

Zoom recording from 2/17

Check out our virtual event from 2/17(English)

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